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Pokegama Lakeside Cantina

Pokegama Lakeside Cantina

Introducing Pokegama Lakeside Cantina! We can’t thank everybody enough for the great initial response. We are just as excited to get open and see everyone again!

Pokegama Lakeside was purchased by David and Monica Orozco who recently moved to the area to purchase Northland Resort. They love the area and have become a great part of the Chetek community in such a short time. Pokegama Lakeside Cantina is currently planning a mostly Mexican based menu. We are working hard with local vendors to ensure freshness and quality. We are still going to keep a couple of local favorites! More info on this as the menu gets put together. The bar, as the days go on, will have an expansive Mexican beer selection and retain the beers we know you’re loyal to. 

THANK YOU to everyone from Chetek, from the patrons to the city and beyond for being so welcoming and accommodating, we can’t wait to offer some authentic Mexican cuisine and bring everyone together again.

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Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm

Sunday: 11am - 8pm

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